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We find it gratifying to play a small part in making our communities a better place to live.

What is involved in a construction project? The simple answer is the tradespeople, tools, material, and equipment necessary to complete the planned work. At Portland Builders, we believe there is more required to make a project a success, such as: experience, anticipation, commitment, loyalty, and pride. These are the building blocks of our approach that create a strong foundation for every project.

Over the past thirty-five+ years, we have learned to anticipate and remediate the inevitable challenges we will encounter during a project. We feel that this expertise is an invaluable asset that helps create the best experience possible for all stakeholders. Our greatest pride, however, is knowing that we are a part of something greater than our ourselves. With our clients, we are creating affordable housing options for the people in our communities, preserving the history and culture of our towns, and helping business owners realize their vision.


Our Story Established in November of 1984 by Pat Cushman and Harvey Klugman this Maine based company first specialized in building custom homes on the coast of Cape Elizabeth. Soon after Portland Builders found their niche in multi-family and elder community construction. In 1988 Portland Builders completed their first occupied multi-family renovation for Portland Housing Authority. In the mid 1990’s the firm expanded to include Joshua Cushman and William Cuddy, who undoubtedly picked up where Pat and Harvey left off. Portland Builders has developed into one of Maine’s leading Construction Managers for the multi-family and historical restoration industry.

Portland Builders continues to build lasting relationships with clients throughout Maine and New Hampshire.

In the Fall 2021 Portland Builders introduced Jeremy Somes as Principal.


Principal Jeremy Somes has been with the Portland Builders family since 2015. He has supervised numerous projects including occupied unit rehabilitation, historic renovation and commercial construction. Jeremy’s experience in Project Management, Budget Estimating and Site Supervision has prepared him to step into the role of Principal here at Portland Builders.

A Maine native, Jeremy has relayed his U.S. Navy and Mechanical Engineering background into a focused and organized approach to the construction industry. His goal is to provide the full vision of each project and create a client relationship that goes beyond expectation.

In his personal time, Jeremy cherishes his four very active children. He can be found any time of year with them at school sporting events or enjoying an outdoor family adventure.

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