We find it gratifying to play a small part in making our communities a better place to live.

What is involved in a construction project? The simple answer is the tradespeople, tools, material, and equipment necessary to complete the planned work. At Portland Builders, we believe there is more required to make a project a success, such as: experience, anticipation, commitment, loyalty, and pride. These are the building blocks of our approach that create a strong foundation for every project.

Over the past thirty+ years, we have learned to anticipate and remediate the inevitable challenges we will encounter during a project. We feel that this expertise is an invaluable asset that helps create the best experience possible for all stakeholders. Our greatest pride, however, is knowing that we are a part of something greater than our ourselves. With our clients, we are creating affordable housing options for the people in our communities, preserving the history and culture of our towns, and helping business owners realize their vision.

Josh Cushman


Josh is a second-generation owner of Portland Builders and is President for the firm. With over twenty-five years at PBI, he has learned the building industry from the inside-out; allowing him to plan for any situation with a high level of accuracy.

Josh has built deep relationships with his clients and continually evaluates their needs and how best to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. His ability to predict the external factors that affect a project and assess internal challenges up-front,
allow him to offer his clients high accuracy and low risk.

When not at work, Josh can be found spending time with his wife or three kids; two college age sons and a daughter in elementary school. He is also an avid skier and finds time to instruct others on the slopes each year.

Bill Cuddy


Bill spends his days making sure his client’s projects meet or exceed expectations. He is known in the industry for being a straight-shooter and will always go the extra mile to get things done right.

A native of Portland, Bill has been with the company since 1994 and has completed over sixty projects including historic restorations and occupied unit rehabilitation. His experience as Site Supervisor, Estimator and Project Manager has forged his ability to be accurate and relatable in his current role of Vice President.

Bill and his wife are proud parents of seven children, grandparents of fourteen grandchildren and adore their two english bulldogs; Maxine and Emma. In their free time, they enjoy camping and relaxing at their family lodge.